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Handover Checklist

Helpful Tips for a Smooth Handover

Please take 5 minutes to read the Handover checklist as it can save you time when cars are exchanged. We will endeavour to make the handover within 15 mins, but in some cases it may take longer.




  • The handover will usually take 15-30 mins

  • Please ensure that your car is clean enough for us to check for any non-accident damage, especially small scratches and dents. You will have to sign a damage disclaimer if your car is too dirty for us to detect minor existing damage. (Car Spa Hand Car Wash is available at the entrance of our lane)

  • You will need your Driving License (as proof you can legally drive)

  • We require details of a Credit/Debit card (Details taken as security e.g. parking fine)

  • You must have adequate insurance (If insuring the c/car yourself, we will need a copy of a cover note for temporary comprehensive cover)

  • Is there Enough fuel in your car for delivery and collection

  • Have you removed Child seats,(staff not permitted to remove child seats) Parking permits, Money, Phone charger, Sat Nav, Sunglasses etc..

  • Have you removed your house keys off of your car keys

  • Only the insured or a named driver can sign for a c/car

  • On our insurance, only the person signing can drive the c/car and you will need to produce the DVLA code for us to check your license for penalty points and convictions. Click here to obtain license information

  • Tell us if you are planning to go away during repairs to your car (24 Hour c/car returns policy)

  • Your insurance company expects a duty of care to be shown towards any replacement vehicle lent to you. Any infringment can lead to your courtesy car being confiscated and you will liable for any costs incurred.

  • Signing our agreement form is your acceptance of our terms and conditions. You can read them prior to the handover, online here, or download our courtesy car terms & conditions, and our Handover Checklist as a pdf file below.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Handover Checklist



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  • Dear customer.

    You have chosen to accept a courtesy car from PK Motors whilst you car is with us for repairs. Courtesy cars are provided by us at your insurance company's request. The cars are leased by PK Motors and any damage caused to our cars whilst in your care must be rectified before the car goes off lease, no matter how minor the damage may seem !

    We are unable to supply a courtesy car if you are not able to provide us with your driving license as this is a legal requirement when handing over a courtesy car. We will also require credit or debit card details to use as security against the courtesy car. Card details are not taken to automatically pay an excess.

    We have a range of class A courtesy cars mostly 5 doors and all fitted with air bags. All of our cars use unleaded fuel. Air bags may not be disabled in some courtesy cars that we use. Please advise us if you plan to fit a child seat to the front passenger seat.


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