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We understand that you may never have been in the situation of having your car repaired. In most cases the whole ordeal will go smoothly from start to finish, especially if you are using an insurance company for your repairs.

But there are many other situations that may require some careful consideration.


Q1. I have had an accident but I do not want to use the garage that my insurance company want me to use.

A1. You have the right to choose where you have your car repaired, but some insurance companies may ask you to pay a larger insurance excess.

Q2. When do I pay my excess and who do I pay it too?

A2. Your insurance excess is paid directly to the repairer, usually at the end of repairs.

Q3. The incident was not my fault, Why do I have to pay my excess?

A3. Under the terms and conditions of some insurance policies, you may required to pay the first part of any claim. If you are not at fault and there is no dispute in liability, you will more than likely be able to claim this back through your insurer.

Q4. The insurance company said they will give me a courtesy car.

A4. Courtesy cars are supplied by the repairing garage usually at their cost to keep you mobile whilst your car is being repaired. Authourity to repair the car may be required before a courtesy car is allocated to you.

Q5. My car is an import. Am I entitled to a replacement car?

A5. If your car is a Non-European import, it may be difficult to get the parts to repair it. Sometimes it can take months, and under these circumstances a courtesy car is not provided.

Q6. How long can I keep the courtesy car?

A6. You can keep the courtesy for the entire time of repairs. if you are planning to go away on business or holiday, you should let the garage know.

Q7. Can I take the courtesy car out of the UK?

A7. Our courtesy cars are not allowed out of the UK, even for a day trip. You must advise the garage if you are planning to go abroad.

Q8. Who insures the courtesy car?

A8. Most insurance companies will automatically insure the courtesy car for you. If they will not, you may have to set up a temporary cover note.

Q9. The police have had my car recovered to a compound following an accident. Can you collect and who pays the charges?

A9. If we have been instructed by an insurer to collect your car as part of an insurance claim, we will pay any charges for your car to be released when we collect it. If you decide to cancel your insurance claim, you may be liable for all costs incurred

Q10. Can I pay for repairs myself?

A10. You can pay for repairs to your car yourself, If a third party is not involved and you do not want to affect your no claims bonus.

Q11. I have damaged a car, can I send them to PK Motors for an estimate to be repaired privately?

A11. We undertake private work as well as insurance repairs. Call the office to arrange an estimate and once agreed, payment details will be agreed. Please note that in most cases, we may charge 30 for an estimate. The 30 is refunded if you use us for repairs

Q12. I was told my car will take about a week, but it has now been 7 days.

A12. We will always try and provide an estimated completion date. But there are many factors that can delay repairs. Parts may be supplied incorrectly or extra damage may have been found when stripping the car. The decline of reputable bodyshops throughout the South East has also contributed to remaining bodyshops becoming busier.

Q13. Will I be updated throughout the repair process?

A13. As a leading bodyshop in Kent, we may have 50+ cars onsite being repaired. We do provide free text and email updates to let you know when we have been contacted by an insurer, when the repairs are authourised and when your car is completed.

Q14. Will you contact me everyday with an update?

A14. Minor delays are not normally reported. But if a part is on long term back order or your car requires resets at a main dealer, we will often let you know. You may feel free to contact us anytime during repairs for an update

Q15. Can I pay by cheque?

A15. A cheque must be cleared in our bank before a vehicle is released, But the use of cheques has steadily declined and banks no longer issue cheque guarantee cards.





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