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Bumper repairs

More cost effective than replacing

In most cases, a damaged bumper can be repaired, rather the replaced. New bumpers can be extremley costly, and in most cases do not come painted. Our trained technicians use the latest bumper repair technology which can save you hundreds of pounds. If you are unsure if your bumper can be repaired, call us to arrange an estimate and we will gladly advise you. A private estimate may cost 30 unless you have been referred to us by an insurance company or main dealer. All estimate fees are fully refunded if we carry out the repair to your vehicle


  • Insurance & Manufacturer

    We are approved for major insurance companies, car manufacturers and accident management work providers...

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  • Stages of repair.

    From logging your details onto our system, to handing over a completed vehicle. This will give you an idea, of what is involved when repairing a car...

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  • Frequently Asked Questions.

    There are many misconceptions when it comes to putting your car into a garage for repair, albeit insurance work or private...

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  • Handover checklist

    How long does it take to sign for a courtesy car ? Do i need any documents ? take a look at our checklist...

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