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4 Wheel Alignment

Using our Hunter Hawkye

If your car is pulling to one side, or suffering uneven tyre wear, there is a good chance that your wheels are mis-aligned. Using our Hunter HawkEye, high-definition digital imaging wheel alignment system we can detect faults or damaged parts and in most cases, correct the faults.

Once faults with your suspension or steering are corrected , you will be presented with a before and after colour readout to keep with your car history documents.

Having your wheels aligned correctly will also save you money over time, by reducing fuel costs and premature tyre wear. Faults can be caused by potholes in the road or simply bumping up and down kerbs.

From £84 we can correct most makes and models.

Labour time at competitive rates may be charged to "free off" seized adjustment components.

Don't let poor wheel alignment lead to tyre failure on your car which can endanger your life.

The toe angle was so far out it has worn the inside edge of this tyre. A small pothole caused the tyre wall to collapse. Luckily the car was driving slowly at the time.

worn tyre inside edgewheel alignment sensors



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